Welcome to the home of the world's richest greyhound race - The Phoenix

After just three runnings, The Phoenix has quickly risen to become the most captivating and phenomenal greyhound race in the country.

Australia’s fascination with the life changing chance to make it rich has fuelled our history. The arrival of hopefuls from around the world during our gold rush era was no better example. Today, ‘The Lucky Country’ is the synonymous phrase that identifies Australia’s position on the globe.

The Phoenix tugs on the coat tails of this Australian dream, and the hope to make one’s fortune. What better way to achieve it than through the racing of a greyhound – a most noble animal!


A short, but phenomenal history

Three races. Two winners. Loads of phenomenal stories.

It’s hard to believe just two dogs have won this rich and fiery contest since inception – the wonder lass Wow She’s Fast for slot holder Sportsbet (2021, 2022) and Schillaci (2023) for the Ladbrokes Racing Club. Both have quickly become giants of the sport off the back of these conquests, through their performances and fascinating back stories.

They, their trainers, owners and slot holders have added a layer of colour to this captivating race concept that has fast tracked it to become arguably the most sort after greyhound race to win in the world.

Watch GRV’s Wow She’s Fast story on how this race has shaped two fabulous ladies lives.

The Phoenix 2024 - another 'Phenomenal' story set to unfold

Saturday December 21st is your chance to be part of the phenomena that has become The Phoenix.

A night at 'The Phoenix' is phenomenal fun, as the gates to 'The Meadows' get flung open and we invite everyone to be a part of the world's richest greyhound race.

Read up on what's happening in 2024.

Schillaci - Ladbrokes Racing Club 2023

The third edition was the night a pizza shop owner and long time dog trainer from Devon Meadows named Jihad Talgi will never forget.

His lightning quick greyhound, Schillaci, named after a succession of sports related identities, broke Wow She's Fast and Sportsbet's strangle hold on the race, as Ladbrokes Racing Club, finally got the sweet taste of victory.

In a race where the winner lead from almost start to finish, a fast finishing Postman Pat's lunge on the line almost delivered 'The Postman' the $1 million prize!

Wow She's Fast - Sportsbet 2022

The princess is crowned the 'Queen of The Meadows' when Wow She's Fast makes it back to back wins in The Phoenix. By doing so, 'Sharni' pushed her career prize money past $2 million and went into greyhound racing folklore.

In a captivating race she sees off a fast finishing Amron Boy, after a speedy head to head battle with She's a Pearl, in a race for the ages. The dynamic duo of slot holder and trainer (Sportsbet and Jackie Greenough) complete an unbelievable achievement and send 'The Meadows' crowd and over 150 Sportsbet invitees into a beer tossing frenzy.

Wow She's Fast - Sportsbet 2021

A racing associations dream to rethink the way greyhound racing could be run and won bounced onto millions of TV screens across the country as the industry continued the rise of this exciting racing concept.

And it was a couple of ladies, Wow She's Fast, and trainer Jackie Greenough who stole the show and launched Sportsbet onto the Victorian Greyhound Racing landscape as winners of the inaugural Phoenix.

In a race that featured Aston Rupee and Koblenz, and a first prize of $750,000, it had a nation looking on and wowing at a young chasers eye catching achievement.

There are two phenomenal ways you can be part of the world's richest greyhound race - The Phoenix.

At a time where inclusion shapes society, The Phoenix opens the door to anyone who wants to feel the passion and excitement of world-class greyhound racing at the highest level. The Melbourne Greyhound Racing Association’s key idea behind The Phoenix is to give those who don’t own a greyhound the chance to race one. Not just in any race, but in a race that shares $1.65 million dollars in prize money and gives kudos, exposure and an experience that can only be described as phenomenal to the eight lucky entrants.

1. Be a slot holder

Take up this phenomenal opportunity to win a life changing sum of prize money and be one of eight challenging for one of the most exciting prizes in Australian greyhound racing.

2. Be on course

There's no better place to be than at the Melbourne Greyhounds on this race night, witnessing history get made as 'The Meadows' turns itself into a fiery cauldron of phenomenal entertainment and excitement.

Wow She's Fast - 2022

Don't miss this phenomenal event

It won't be long before you can be part of 'The Phoenix' 2024. Entertainment packages are now being finalised and will go on sale soon, as will the chance to apply for one of the eight heralded slots in the race.

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