MGRA Sponsorship and Partnership Opportunities

MGRA Sponsorship and Partnership Opportunities

A MGRA Meadows Sponsorship & Partnership Package is a thrilling and high engagement way to put your business out in front of millions of people and assist you to stay ahead of the pack!

Get promoted without the need to purchase media and supply communications.

You may not be aware, but the Melbourne Greyhound Racing Association offers sponsorship partnerships. These arrangements are heavily weighted toward businesses and organisations seeking to improve their brand exposure not only locally, but also nationally. And they’re relatively inexpensive (packages start from only $1000) and are highly cost-effective.

A Melbourne Greyhound Racing Association sponsorship is easy to activate and manage. Unlike most advertising and marketing, costs can quickly escalate as you purchase media, build communications and manage channels. Our sponsorships are a great set and forget arrangement. Once in place the activities you’ve invested in passively work in the background, building your market presence, bringing you sales and keeping your brand top of mind. It’s a complementary activation that need only be scaled if you wish.

Why you need to underpin your marketing mix with a high-value, low-cost sponsorship partnership with the Melbourne Greyhounds.

Sponsorship promotion remains the most undervalued element of the marketing mix. When profits get tight or costs go up, advertising expenditure and activity get cut. We, as a not-for-profit organisation understand this better than most. Ignore and neglect this important activity and in the long term your sales funnel and business opportunities lose their footing.

Here’s where sponsorship, as a promotional activity, can fill the exposure gap as well as provide networking and staff reward opportunities.

What activities and engagements do the packages offer?

The packages are heavily focused on branding and venue networking. They also offer a highly valuable Direct Marketing component. This is where we see the greatest benefit and provides outstanding value.

All packages include, in various set-ups:

  • Venue Signage
  • Racebook Advertising
  • Race Name Sponsorships
  • Meadows Conference and Events Venue Hire Discounts
  • City View Bistro Race Night Dining Discounts
  • Social Media and Electronic Direct Marketing Activities
  • Food and Beverage Vouchers

These then attribute to the following promotional benefits:

Our Sponsors & Partners

“A Melbourne Greyhound sponsorship package is a thrilling and high engagement way to put your business out in front of millions of people and assist you to stay ahead of the pack.” Scott Wuchatsch, MGRA CEO.

If you'd like to know more about Melbourne Greyhounds Sponsorship Packages and advertising promotional partnership opportunities please get in touch.