10 April, 2024

National Greyhound Adoption Day

It’s National Adoption Month for Greyhounds!

Adoption agencies all over Australia will be putting every available hour into their adoptions with special events and adoption days. Here in our home state GAP Victoria has something on every weekend. It’ll all reach a climax here with us on Sunday April 28th.

Victoria’s National Adoption Day runs 10am until about 2pm, where there will be around 30 beautiful greyhounds available to take home and become your very own new house mates. Anyone who has been to one of our adoption days will remember how much joy they can be, seeing some very happy dogs going home with very happy new families!

For more information what’s happening and the process of adopting a greyhound on the day can be read on the FGAP website. It’s also important to to note that you need to be registered to attend this event.