30 April, 2024

National GAP Day a huge success

The Sunday sun was shining on everyone, including the greyhounds, at the 2024 GRV GAP Day at ‘The Meadows’.

You could not have forecast a better day to head along to the Melbourne Greyhounds ‘Meadows’ race track than last Sunday for the 2024 GRV GAP Day.

Thirty-four beautiful former races were on parade and available to take home as forever pets. As the free coffees and catering flowed, so did the lines of families into our venue for a chance to meet a new family member. Potential new greyhound owners were meet by a big team of friendly GAP volunteers, each offering helpful advice and the all important documentation to prepare the rehoming of these delightful dogs.

By the end of the day 31 greyhounds found a new place to call home. There were plenty of smiles on the faces of those who now have a new wonderful friend to share their lives with, and plenty of wagging tails too!

Checkout the short video of the day here on the GRV Facebook Page

If by chance you missed this wonderful occasion and are interested in adopting a greyhound head on over to Greyhound Racings Victoria GAP Website where you can learn more about the program and how to make a new furry friend.